Shiny baggies
Group for shiny baggies fan. Add yourself with your personal shiny baggies. This is a groug for any sagger who haave or wanna have shin baggies.
186 members
German-Austrian-Swiss Saggers
Saggers from Germany-Austria-Switzerland / Sagger aus Deutschland-Österreich-Schweiz
149 members
French Saggers
Le groupe des saggers Français
122 members
The Sneakers
This Group is for all those WHO also have a spacial taste for the sneaks they ware with their baggys.
122 members
Verkauf--Tausch oder verschenken.
Hallo Liebe Sagger´n hir in dieser Gruppe könnt ihr miteinander Baggys oder t-Shirt`s e.c.t Tauschen oder verkaufen oder verschenken..... Das heißt so ähnlich wie Ebay aber ist völlig kostenlos Am besten ihr lädt die Bilder hoch und beschreibt die Sachen bitte,was ihr Tauschen oder Verk...
112 members
Mit der Baggy Abwichsen
Hallo, Wichst ihr auch immer ab wenn ihr die Baggy anhabt. Und der Schwanz Steif ist. Dann hängt die Baggy unter dem Hintern und den Gürtel unter dem Schwanz.
108 members
Shiny baggy trackies
Group for people, who are fans or wear nylon baggy trackpants. You can add your own photos or pics from Internet. Also links to sites, where is possible to buy shiny baggy trackpants. ;)
91 members
Wet sport and Baggy clothes
88 members
This group is for every guy who love FUBU clothes.If you have FUBUs or want to have, join us, and we'd help you find FUBU clothes.
86 members
Saggt ihr auch Extem Tief mit Double Sagging oder noch tiefer
74 members
Baggymaster & -slaves
67 members
piss baggy
pisst du dir auch gern in die baggy
63 members
Mud sport and Baggy clothes
62 members
smoking and sagging
for all guys who like smoking and sagging
59 members
Extreme Saggers
A group for all saggers who like to let their pants hang especially low. From below butt to mid-thigh to knees or even lower.
48 members
Guys Who Love Hoodies
For anyone who loves to wear hoodies, this group is for you.
38 members
Humoer jeans and pants.
Du steht total auf geile Humoerjeans tief saggen, trocken oder vollgepisst. Deep Humoer crotch.
35 members
Young saggers
only for young guys :)
34 members
Adidas Chile
Fans of Adidas Chile tracksuits
32 members
Football and bball jerseys
This group is for all who love football and bball jerseys.
31 members

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