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saggerpunk Oct 17 '17
Anyone else into deliberately dropping your baggys in the street?Gets me real turned on. Yesterday I was wearing 40" Fubu baggys and some green satin boxers with a massive heavy studded belt. The belt was pulling my baggys right down and I just let them drop down to my ankles as everyone stared. I kept walking for a few steps with my baggys round my ankles then calmly pulled them back up to mid-thigh :D
GangstaRapSagger Oct 18 '17
I gotta try this dude, sounds hot as fuck!
hello9876 Dec 7 '17
this is exactly why i wear 52" without a belt
Extremsagger Jan 24
Oh yes dude it’s so horny! I also do it but freeballing
Krister Jan 27
Its fun to walk with a mate and sag lower and lower, competing who can go lowest, untill the loser (or winner?) drops his pants down. You should try this game.
halftucked Jul 4
Some vids could be hot ?